Davis sent to jail on 14 day judicial remand

LAHORE: Raymond Davis, US National involved in double murder, has been sent to Jail on 14 days judicial remand. While police says that Raymond did not act in self defense as claimed by him.

Raymond Davis was arrested January 27 after he shot and killed two motorcyclists in of Lahore, claiming it was in self-defence as the men were trying to rob him.

On Friday, Raymond Davis was presented before a local court in Model Town amidst strict security measures. More than 200 police guards were deployed outside the courtroom. The proceedings of the court were closed to media.

Defense lawyer Hassam Qadir Advocate filed two pleas on behalf of Raymond in the court that the trial be held in camera and diplomatic immunity should be granted to him

The court asked the government to clarify whether diplomatic immunity applied in the case of Davis.

Davis faces potential murder charges. He is to be held in a jail in the Kot Lakhpat area of Lahore, said Abdus Samad, a government prosecutor in the case who briefed reporters after the session, which was closed to media.

‘The court has, meanwhile, sent Mr Davis to jail on a judicial remand of 14 days,’ Abdul Samad said.

Davis’ next court appearance is set for Feb. 25. Samad said that Judge Anik Anwar also agreed to get government response on a defense request that any trial in the case be held out of public view.

Meanwhile CCPO Aslam Tareen addressing a press conference said that investigations had shown a US consulate employee held for killing two people did not act in self-defense.

‘Neither the weapon of Fahim (one of the killed) was loaded nor it was pointed at Mr Raymond. All the bullets were in the magazine and there was no bullet in the chamber,’ Tareen told reporters.

Tareen alleged that Davis fired 10 bullets at the two men and even shot one of them in the back as the victim was trying to flee the scene.

‘Our investigations are complete and we have charged him for murder,’ Tareen said.

The United States said Davis was employed by their consulate as a technical adviser and should, therefore, enjoy diplomatic immunity. His detention is a violation of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, the US said.

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