FIA declares Musharraf absconding culprit in BB’s murder

RAWALPINDI: In the light of data collected from Black Berry mobile cell of Benazir Bhutto recovered from Bilawal House, the Joint Investigation Team of FIA has declared former President Pervez Musharraf as absconding culprit and assassination of Benazir Bhutto a conspiracy in the record and fifth interim challan presented in the court.

As per forensic report of mobile phone record, former president Pervez Musharraf had sent a threatening E-mail to Benazir Bhutto before her arrival in Pakistan whereby it was stated that her security depended on the nature of her working relationship with him. Later Benazir Bhutto had sent these E-mails to her American friend Mark Seagal stating that she was facing life threat from Pervez Musharraf after the E-mail had been received.

On the other hand Judge Rana Nisar Ahmad of Anti Terrorism Court (ATC) No 3 has rejected bail pleas of former police officers including former CPO Saud Aziz and former SP Rawal Town Khurram Shahzad who had been arrested in Benazir Bhutto assassination case.

Malik Wahid Anjum advocate, counsel for the accused argued no warrants had been issued to the persons who had been made accused in the case. Keeping them in jail without evidence was tantamount to punishing them without any offence, he added. The persons whose statements had been recorded under section 164 were accused in this case earlier and they had been exonerated after they had given statements.

He said Saud Aziz and Khurram Shahzad were accused of participating in the conspiracy of assassination of Benazir Bhutto. In November 13 challan they had been kept in column No 2 which meant that court if deems necessary can summon them or order for their investigation. It was strange that FIA all of a sudden transferred their Number from column No 2 to No 1. FIA obtained 24 days remand of these officers and spent so much time in recovering a mobile.

FIA had seized two mobile cells in this case which remained under use of Benazir Bhutto and these had been provided by a servant of Bilawal House. Had FIA detected as to why these mobiles remained hidden for a long time and now they had been brought to open. How these mobiles reached Bilawal House and who provided these mobiles to Bilawal house.

As far as the charge of removal of SP Ashfaq Anwar was concerned, procession led by Nawaz Sharif was fired upon on that day and message was sent by Islamabad police through wireless and Ashfaq Anwar was ASP civil line, he told.

Presenting the log book in the court Malik Wahid Anjum said attempt was made to temper this log book and this job was done by SP Ashfaq Anwar. But we had obtained its copy before it was tempered. All the copies which were provided later were tempered.

He further argued that Yasin Farooq was incharge of Liaqat Bagh meeting and his statement was recorded after three and half years and no mention were made about security adviser therein. It was not known the record was recorded to save whom, he added. If this statement is scrutinized in details it will reveal that attempt has been made to make Naheed Khan as accused.

Ashfaq Anwar was accused, his name was put on ECL and then reverse gear was made and he was granted three years leave and he left for London. The statement recorded by Yasin Farooq was aimed at implicating CPO, he said.

My clients have been charged that they did not get conduct postmortem, he said adding Asif Ali Zardari was legal heir and he claimed openly he knew who were killers. Therefore, Asif Ali Zardari did not allow postmortem.

Malik Muhammad Rafiq the second counsel for the accused persons said SP Ashfaq Anwar who was present on the scene declared assigning the case to FIA illegal and unconstitutional.

Special prosecutors of FIA, Chaudhry Zulfiqar Ali and Muhammad Azhar advocates said the court summoned Saud Aziz and Khurram Shahzad in the capacity of culprits but they did not challenge these orders. They also declared Pervez Musharraf culprit and absconder saying FIA tried its best to trace him out but could not be traced out.

They said if Ashfaq Anwar did not comply with the orders of CPO or some other officer did not obey his order then as to why CPO did not take action against them.

Malik Wahid Anjum argued that challan presented by FIA was like a story of film. Unless their link is proved with terrorists, how can they be declared culprits, he added.

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