18 years young girl becomes boy after surgery

RAHIMYAR KHAN: It is surprising but it had happened as 18 years young female named Farzana, turned into a male after undergoing a surgery.

Yesterdays Farzana, is now given a new name Faizan Ali by his father.

According to details, 18-year old Farzana who is a student of Zahir Pir Madressa, got sick and taken to Shaikh Zaid Hospital where she underwent a minor operation. Later, she had some medical tests done on her which showed positive signs of gender change from female to male.

Farzana is now on her way to become Faizan Ali after a final surgery to be carried out on Tuesday.

Munir Ahmed, the father of Faizan Ali, earlier had two daughters and three sons. He is now happy to have become father of four sons after one of his two daughters became a male.

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