FIA clears Hamid Kazmi from Hajj corruption scandal

ISLAMABAD: FIA has declared former Federal Minister for Religious Affairs Hamid Kazmi as clear from Hajj corruption scandal.

According to FIA report, former DG Hajj Rao Shakil and middleman Ahmad Faiz did not transfer any amount in the bank account of Hamid Kazmi. The FIA declared Hamid Kazmi as cleared from the Hajj corruption scandal.

The 21-page investigating report of FIA stated that there was no evidence that Rao Shakil and Ahmad Faiz transferred any amount in Muslim Commercial Bank and Faisal Bank accounts of Hamid Kazmi.

During hearing of Hajj corruption scandal, Hamid Kazmi denied his involvement in Hajj corruption scandal.

According to the FIR report, at the moment, the probe is being conducted into present amount in the account of Hamid Kazmi but there is no evidence of transferring of any money in his account from Rao Shakil and Ahmad Faiz.

On the other hand, former Federal Minister Azam Swati could not produce any proofs against involvement of Hamid Kazmi in the Hajj corruption scandal. Swati accused of Hamid Kazmi for misusing of Hajj quota, nomination of his own choice people for Hajj services and allotting of Hajj quota to private tour operators of taking bribery but he could not submit any written and concrete evidence to Supreme Court and FIA. There is possibility that the investigation process against Hamid Kazmi would be ended soon.

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