Need of result-oriented dialogue with India, not photo session: Qureshi

ISLAMABAD: German foreign minister Guido Westerwelle has said German chancellor statement about Pakistan has been misreported adding German Chancellor acknowledges fully the sacrifices rendered by Pakistan in war on terror while foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said Pakistan wants result oriented dialogue with India rather than photo session.

Shah Mehmood Qureshi said this while issuing joint declaration with reference to commencement of strategic talks between Pakistan and Germany.

Responding to questions he said Pakistan was ever ready to play its role for peace and stability in Afghanistan.

“We want normalization in relations with India because it was in the interest of region”, he held.

The invitation for visit to India and talks has been extended by India, he said adding he would visit India at every cost. “However I want result oriented dialogue with India and not photo session. We still condemn Mumbai attacks and want to see the perpetrators are brought to justice. Pakistan has never shied away from entering into talks with India”, he remarked.

Germany had always helped Pakistan in hard times; he said adding Germany provided relief assistance of 300 million dollars to Pakistan for flood affectees. German people donated 200 million dollars out of this assistance, he added.

Germany had played vital role in securing access for Pakistan products to European Union markets, he said.

A wide range of issues including war on terror, situation of Afghanistan, Professor Burhan ud Din visit to Pakistan, relations with India and other important matters came under discussion during strategic dialogue, he indicated.

German foreign minister said Pakistan was friendly country of Germany and this friendship implied providing help to each other at critical juncture of time. “We know Pakistan is countering economic and political challenges beside flood challenge. German government and people want to see Pakistan stronger on economic and political fronts”, he underlined.

Germany was opposed to terrorism in its all forms and manifestations and his country condoles with the people and government of Pakistan over assassination of Governor Suleman Taseer, he underscored.

He went on to say his country was close ally of Pakistan and it will continue to play its role to extend direct assistance to Pakistan besides beefing up its economy.

He stated a political solution rather than military operation was better to ensure peace and stability in Afghanistan. “We fully support reconciliation process for peace and stability in Afghanistan. We will continue to encourage Pakistan and Afghanistan for peace and stability in the region”, he declared.

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