Exchange of hot words continue between Pmln, MQM

ISLAMABAD: Leader of the opposition in National Assembly Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan demanded from government to discuss all matters pertaining to national interest before they are being discussed in media and should take notice of barbaric killings in Balochistan province.

National assembly session was held here in parliament house on Friday where Panel of Chairman NA Abdul Qadir Patel submitted a ruling about agitation between PML-N and MQM, in which he demanded to abstain from making comments on someone’s personal matters and democratic traditions should be promoted by practicing patience and tolerance.

During the proceedings, Pakistan Muslim League N (PML-N) and Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) once again got themselves engaged in exchange of words whereas opposition leader demanded to establish a committee of parliamentarians to hold investigations about what happened outside the parliament two days before. The opposition leader Ch. Nisar Ali Khan blamed MQM parliamentarians that they initiated the war of words and made personal statements about PML-N’s leadership.

During the course of his address, he demanded that parliament should be taken into confidence on issues, but sometimes we learn to know about things from media despite government.

He drew attention to media reports pertaining to numerous loss of human lives in Balochistan, and about which US State Department expressed reservations. He was of the view that whichever province it could be, culprits involved in such activities must be brought to courts.

“If US Congress and State Department can take notice of such incidents then why not Pakistani government peeps into this matter”, Nisar queried.

Opposition leader further said that every party holds the right to criticize, but criticism should not turn into calling bad names. He demanded for investigations about what had happened outside the parliament on Wednesday night and why someone was pronounced foolish.

At this juncture, MQM’s leader Wasim Akhtar said media should also be included in investigations and this should be examined who kicked off the debate.

Wasim Akhtar was of the view that we are not peasants and this parliament is not someone’s property, if someone will point a finger at our leadership, we will reply in the same tone.

He said senior parliamentarians should behave in a way that junior members may learn from them. We are very well aware of who’s agenda Ch. Nisar is holding, he added. He also said that current circumstances does not allow us to indulge into blame game.

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