Stop corruption or be ready for a long march: Nawaz warns Govt

MUZAFFARABAD: Quaid Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Nawaz Sharif has presaged to hold another long march against current political leadership if they don’t curtail the corruption and overcome inflation.

He strongly criticised the present government as well as previous political setup while addressing a public gathering here in Muzaffarabad on Sunday.

He denied the blame of playing the role of friendly opposition in the parliament and said PML-N is a friendly Pakistan party. He said dictatorship ousted his democratic government, otherwise the Kashmir issue would have been resolved.

While talking about the Kashmir issue, he said post-atomic test was the historic era when Indian leadership itself came to agreement to hold bilateral composite talks to resolve all outstanding issues between both the countries including Kashmir issue, but Pervez Musharraf triggered up the Kargil War. He termed since then Musharraf, the hero of Kargil War, begged Wajpai the then Indian Prime Minister to hold dialogues.

He intimated that it is the time of revolution. “We held long march for the restoration of judiciary and now we will hold another long march against corruption and inflation”, Nawaz warned.

Mian Nawaz Sharif recalled from the past and questioned from the people who raise slogans of revolution as to why 50 were killed when Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry visited Karachi, and why he was not let to come out of airport. “Why these people kept holding their tongues while inflation was let to swell and why they were enjoying powers with a dictator”, he queried.

PML-N’s Quaid pledged to bring revolution and said we did this earlier when we tested our nuclear arsenals.

While talking about the organization of PML-N in Azad Kashmir, he said I always wanted to follow the lines given by our founding father Muhammad Ali Jinnah as he said Muslim Conference is the Muslim League in Kashmir. He further said now leaders of Muslim Conference have started to worship dictators, which is defiance from the mandate of Kashmiris.

He said following these circumstances and demand of Kashmiris, PML-N has decided to establish its own political setup in Azad Kashmir. He vowed to not receive tickets from dictators.

He said during 2005 earthquake, he mobilized his party members while sitting in Saudi Arabia to immediately rush to the calamity hit areas to help out people. He applauded the Kashmiri nation who bravely handled the circumstances and termed those were historic moments.

He said, “I can still memorize the whole picture of earthquake devastation and I know how foreign world helped.” He said billions of dollars aid came into Pakistan, but corrupt politicians and leadership ruined it. They yet have to answer the question of how they mismanaged the aid, Nawaz Sharif added.

He said I wanted to come to Pakistan myself in the time of earthquake, but a dictator never allowed me and time takes the revenge. Today that dictator is out of the country and I am in, he asserted.

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