Chinese PM vows to enhance strategic ties with Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao vowing to boost strategic cooperation with Pakistan has lauded and affirmed his rock solid and everlasting relationship with Pakistan, and expressing his pride over China’s neighboring ally and friend, lauded the struggle and hardships Pakistan had endured on its way to crisis and success.

“It is our collective objective to strengthen strategic ties between our two countries,” he told a joint session of parliament on Sunday.

He expressed his intense happiness, and pride that he was addressing a Parliament in full session, and paid glowing tributes to all the well wishers and friends who had always endeavored to enhance the over strong Pakistan-China relationship.

Expressing a deja vu, he cited his earlier visit to Pakistan five tears ago, when he was given a standing ovation by Pakistani masses, he said that he always felt at home in these lively moments.

He lauded Pakistan’s stand on certain issues pertaining to Chinese affairs, which included the Taiwanese controversy, and the 2008 Chinese earthquake, whence Pakistan had provided full assistance to its neighboring ally. He said that China had always stood thick and thin with its Pakistani friends on all of its issues, citing full and whole hearted Chinese assistance during the 2005 earthquake that destroyed a major chunk of Azad Kashmir and its environs.

He also pledged strategic support to Pakistan, which he declared was imminent and mandatory for both countries, besides strengthening already secure ties.

The Chinese Premier lauded Pakistan’s struggle against terrorism and stressed on global community to acknowledge Pakistan’s sacrifices and ravages it suffered in its war against terrorism.

Assuring China’s full support in war against terrorism, he stressed on researching the root causes of the evil, and try to address them, in order to eradicate the menace from its folds.

He also pledged China’s support and encouragement regarding investment opportunities in Pakistan, citing a recent U$. 10 billion investments, which he termed as a living proof of mutual friendship and cooperation between the two nations.

He informed that China had specifically permitted the ICP Bank to open its branches in Islamabad and Karachi, while steps were underway to start currency exchange as well. Among other economic cooperation, he cited full support to Pakistan and a Pakistan-China friendship year, in 2011, offering 500 scholarships for Pakistan in the coming three years, free cataract treatment for two years, and 100 Pakistani students for learning Chinese; assuring that China would continue the practice of providing welfare and training for Pakistani students, and acknowledged.

Acknowledging the importance of Pakistan’s stature in Muslim Ummah, he said that both neighboring countries shared identical views over global issues, and stressed for evolving a joint strategy against militants.

Quoting a popular adage, which impresses the fact that “ a neighbor is better than a faraway relative”, he hoped that the masses of both countries would maintain the everlasting friendship between two nations.

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