Two suicide bombers in Karachi to carry out attack on Ashura

KARACHI: Karachi CID Police has intimated with the presence of two suiciders who have planned to blow themselves up on Ashura Day.

This has been disclosed by the Senior Superintendent Police (SSP) CID Fiaz Khan after the confinement of accused associated with banned Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (Hafiz Saeed Aurakzai Group) here in Garden Headquarter on Tuesday.

He informed media personnel that acting upon secret information, accused Haji Rehman a.k.a. Qasai who is a member of Hafiz Saeed Aurakzai Group, has been arrested along with 10 KG explosive, 3 detonators, one hand grenade, Klashnikove, and hundreds of bullets, he added.

While in the press conference, SSP Fiaz Khan told that during the raid, six other aides of accused fled away who have plans of kidnapping for ransom.

He said during the investigations, accused Haji Saeed has disclosed that two of his aides are suiciders and they plan to hit on Ashura day. As per the CID, a hit list has also been retrieved from the accused.

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