RGST unacceptable: Nawaz

SHEIKHUPURA: Quaid Muslim League-N Mian Nawaz Sharif elucidated his opposition on Reformed General Sales Tax (RGST) and said we will not let it to be implemented till the government curtails expenditures and curbs on corruption.

Addressing to a open gathering in Sheikhupura on Saturday Nawaz Sharif said WikiLeaks has disclosed scores of secrets related to numerous personalities. He termed these disclosures as fake. We tested our nukes despite global pressures this must also be disclosed by WikiLeaks, he wished.

He said we never did anything just to appease American politicians rather tested our nukes without considering any pressure, whereas we see Pakistani politicians doing this.

He informed we are reorganizing our party, hence we need a revolutionary team, which may help us in development of nation. “We will attain the destiny if spirits of nation remained the same and with power of people we will curb on corruption and injustices”, said Nawaz Sharif.

He said Musharraf did not allow him  or his aides to offer his  parents’ funerals. These dictators devastated the country. Therefore, I want no hindrance in way of Pakistan’s prosperity.

He wished the unemployment and poverty be eliminated, and commodity prices come back to point where they were during his regime.

Today, people compare the commodity prices with that of Musharraf’s time, he said. During my regime, flour was Rs. 5 per Kg as compared to now as it is selling around Rs. 28, cost of per Kg edible oil today is Rs. 130 where it was Rs. 45 in my time. Today, people do not find sugar at Rs. 110, but it was easily available at Rs. 18 per Kg during my rule, and besides this Pakistan exported sugar to India during my time because we were surplus with it, he added.

While pointing out 18th amendment and National Finance Commission (NFC), Nawaz said, the tasks Peoples Party performed in collaboration with us, accomplished successfully.

He reiterated we want government to work for the betterment of people, strengthening the economy and eradication of unemployment, but we will never allow the implementation of RGST till the government starts working for the development of nation, reduces her expenditures, and curbs on corruption.

He termed this as not mere our wish rather people too want the same that current circumstances are not suitable for implementation of RGST.

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  1. Mian Nawaz Sharif always liked to jump in the bandwagon. In case of RGST he is playing the populist card on this issue despite the presentation he received the other day from federal finance minister Abdul Hafeez Sheikh and his team. It is no coincidence then that Mr Sharif’s recent interview to a US television channel spoke of nothing but the government’s supposed mismanagement and corruption. Even before that opportunity presented itself, Mr Sharif has of late been ready to attack the PPP-led federal coalition government every chance he gets. In spite of the opposition’s biting and continued criticism, President Zardari has extended a cordial invitation instead of reacting to or being provoked by the ‘lion of the Punjab’. The government has taken a welcome step towards renegotiating with its fiercest critic. In the face of a souring relationship, it has put its best foot forward by not answering in kind and letting things degenerate into a mudslinging match with the PML-N. However, with the PML-N vowing that, come hail or shine, it will not concede to the RGST, the government is encouraged to keep showing the admirable, and critically necessary patience it has adopted so far.

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