Six more F 16 aircrafts to arrive on Dec 13

ISLAMABAD:Six more F16 jets will reach Pakistan on Dec 13 bringing the total number of air crafts of this category to 18.

As per Air force sources and private TV channel, 12 such aircrafts have already arrived from the US and upon arrival of this last consignment of six f-16 jets we will have a total of 18 such aircrafts.

All these air crafts would be kept in the Shahbaz airbase in Jacobabad, previous 12 aircrafts were also assembled in the special hangers there.

Induction of F- 16 aircrafts will improve the capability of the Pak air force and sources have informed that soon the process of overhauling of the already inducted F-16 aircrafts will begin so that they can be equipped with latest technologies.

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