Indian troops molested 9,984 women and damaged 105,900 structures

SRINAGAR: In occupied Kashmir, Indian troops, in their unabated acts of state terrorism, from January 1, 1989 till today December 10, 2010, killed 93,537 innocent Kashmiris, including 6,981 in custody.

This has been revealed in a report released by the Research Section of Kashmir Media Service on the occasion of the World Human Rights Day on Friday.

The report said that Indian troops molested 9,984 women and damaged 105,900 structures. The killings during this period rendered 22,747 women widowed and 107,397 children orphaned.

In the current uprising, Indian paramilitary troopers killed 122 peaceful protesters since June 2010 and at least 1,500 civilians including Hurriyet leaders and activists are languishing in jails under draconian, Public Safety Act.

Meanwhile, over 10,000 people have disappeared in the custody of Indian troops.

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