Agencies admit in SC, 11 missing prisoners are in their custody

ISLAMABAD: Intelligence agencies have admitted in Supreme Court (SC) that 11 prisoners who have gone missing from Adiala Jail are in their custody.

A 3-member bench of SC led by the Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry resumed the hearing of the case Thursday.

Raja Irshad, counsel for ISI and MI in the statement filed by him in the court on behalf of the agencies had said 11 prisoners who had gone missing from Adiala prison were in the custody of ISI and MI and they had been arrested under army act as they were high profile terrorists.

The counsel for intelligence agencies told the court that these people were involved in the murder of three stars general of ISI, Army and GHQ. Army and its subordinate institutions respected judiciary and hold in high esteem the efforts being made by it to ensure rule of constitution.

He dispelled the impression that army or intelligence agencies did not respect the verdicts of courts. These accused were arrested, taken to army operational area and 25 more terrorists were arrested with their help, he told. These prisoners were alive and safe and they were being investigated, he added.

He submitted that these 11 prisoners were mastermind of terror attacks and were involved in suicide attacks on Hamza camp, GHQ, Kamra Complex and 3-star general and they were being proceeded against under army act. They would have to face field court martial, he informed.

The CJP on the occasion commended the step taken for locating the missing persons and said “we appreciate army and its concerned institutions who are defending country and nation.”

“Judiciary respects army and its subordinate institutions”, justice Ghulam Rabbani remarked.

“We respect army. They are our children. My own nephew who was in army had been martyred”, justice Khalil ur Rehman Ramday observed.

The CJP directed counsel for federation to file written reply in this regard.

Raja Irshad said he would be able to submit written reply next day, therefore, he be allowed some time in this respect.

The court has adjourned the hearing till today.

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