Legendary actor Jamil Fakhri pleads for recovery of his missing son

ISLAMABAD: A well known Pakistani TV actor Jamil Fakhri, who is also famous as Jafar Hussain, a character he did in a Super Hit TV Drama “Andera Ujala” has pleaded government and Chief Justice of Pakistan to help him to find his son who is missing from the last one and half years.

“I m very tired, I don’t know who to plead, I really don’t know who will tell me about my son” Jamil Fakhri said while talking to a famous TV program Hasb-e-Hall.

He said that his elder son Ali Ayaz Fakhri was reported missing since February 2009 from New York and It’s still a secret as to what happened to him also there are no official words by any USA agency so far.

The actor said that everyone seems to be heartless even the people who once loved him and his work now don’t even recognize his voice.

“I don’t want to die like pleading about my son” he said also added that is there any one who could ask those people who know about his son but are not telling any thing.

Jamil Fakhri also complained in the interview about the careless attitude of Pakistani foreign office who is saying from the very first day that “do what ever you can do , ask whoever you want to ask but at the end you have to beg us (Pakistani foreign office in US) about the whereabouts of your son.

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  2. pakistani christains connected to jewish mafias killed him, to teach someone a lesson. they used labelling him as a isi agent as a pretext . they wanted news to let someone s know. its a well thought out plan.

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