WikiLeaks: No wish to take over the Govt: Army Chief

ISLAMABAD: WikiLeaks quoting ex-US ambassador for Islamabad Anne W. Patterson has claimed that Pakistani army chief General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani said if he wished to take over the government , he would have done it during lawyers long march.

It was also asserted that (COAS )General Kayani advised president Zardari to commence backdoor diplomacy with India.

As per WikiLeaks, General Kayani told this during his meeting with former US ambassador Anne W. Patterson held on October 7, 2009. Chief of Inter Services Intelligence General Ahmed Shuja Pasha also accompanied General Kayani in this meeting.

During this meeting, General Kayani told ex-US ambassador that he didn’t wish to take over the govt. General Kayani also told Ms. Patterson that Pakistan army was ready for assault in Waziristan, but President Asif Ali Zardari wanted to wait till spring ends. It was also counseled to president Zardari by army chief to initiate backdoor diplomacy with India, and for this, name of ex-foreign secretary Riaz Ahmed Khan was recommended.

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