Over 35 govt websites hacked

ISLAMABAD: Over 35 Pakistani government websites went on a blink and the authorities blamed a group called “Indian Cyber Army”.

According to media reports an official spokesman said the government took action to secure the hacked websites and most of them were restored by the afternoon.

Among the sites that were hacked was that of the National Accountability Bureau.

A message posted by the hackers on the website of NAB read: “Hacked by Indian Cyber Army”. The message was accompanied by a historical photograph of US soldiers raising a flag on the Japanese island of Iwo Jima in World War II but the American flag was replaced with an Indian one.

In an email sent to media outlets, the Indian Cyber Army claimed to have gained “root access” to the server hosting the government websites. The group hacked at least 36 of the 40 websites hosted on the server.

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