WiliLeaks report irresponsible: FO Spokesman

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has termed the disclosures of sensitive documents by WikiLeaks as ‘irresponsible’ and ‘condemnable act’.

Reacting to the WikiLeaks cables issued recently on matters from around the world, Foreign Office spokesman Abdul Basit said Pakistan is taking stock of the revelations concerning Pakistan adding that US has taken us on board prior to the publishing of these disclosures.

The spokesman said the irresponsible issuance of sensitive documents regarding foreign and defence affairs is a ‘condemnable act’.

The FO spokesman Abdul Basit said the US had already informed Pakistan about these reports before they were issued.

He said that in the 60s US had provided us with reactor as well as fuel. He said that in 2007 US had demanded return of duel which was rejected.

He said that WikiLeaks reports clears that no compromise can be made on our nuclear program. Spokesman said that Pakistan’s political and military leadership knows how to protect its nuclear program and there is no room for nay compromise. He said that when in2007 we had rejected the demands of the US regarding return of fuel than how is it possible than we would allow US to inspect our nuclear installations. He said that our nuclear program is for rightful purposes and we have no aggressive designs against anyone.
In response to a question he said that attempts to derail historical ties between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia would not succeed

He said that as long as ties between Pakistan and US is concerned there have always been reservations however during strategic dialogue with US we have expressed our reservations and we are trying to consolidate our position and such efforts are a continuous process between the two countries. He said it is effort of every country to progress in ties on the base of mutual interest.

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