Corruption rules in country: Nawaz Sharif

PESHAWAR : Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz Chief Mian Nawaz Sharif on Monday said that there is no governance in the country, adding that corruption is at its summit.

Addressing the party workers in Peshawar, he said that his party will not keep silence on the increasing prices of petroleum products.

“We have to work to eradicate poverty, unemployment and corruption. We want corruption free Pakistan.”

Nawaz Sharif pledged Pakistan would be an Asian Tiger if, he added, PML-N comes into power.

“PML-N intents this government should complete its tenure”, he added.

He said Charter of Democracy was formulated due to the green revolution. He said it is time to take practical steps for stopping corruption in the country. He warned government if it does not stop the inflation then we will not remain silent. He said tax robbers should be punished.

Nawaz opine that he will make Pakistan as Asian tiger when it comes into power.

PML(N) leader said that a dictator damaged the Pakistani economy in his eight years.

He further added that Pervaz Musharraf hurted the sentiments of millions of people in Pakistan.

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