Balochistan victim of dictatorship, says Nawaz

QUETTA: The bad governance and wrong policies of the present government have isolated Pakistan at international level while nation has grave concerned about the current deteriorating situation of Balochistan province, says Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz, (PML-N) Chief Mian Nawaz Sharif.

Addressing to the Press Conference here in Quetta, the PML-N Chief said that since the reign of Pervez Musharraf the situation of Balochistan has been worsening day by day. It is very disappointing that Musharraf said that if he gets another opportunity then he will do the same as he did when he was in power. Today, everyone is worried about the policies of the dictators, as Nawab Akbar Bugti was killed by Musharraf. On the other hand, Attaullah Mengal was also good patriot leader but he was also killed. Musharraf’s relentless remarks are worrisome.

He maintained: “the dictators and present government are responsible for the current aggravated situation in Balochistan”. Mr. Nawaz emphasized that democracy always yield good results. “ Balochistan is victim of Dictatorship”, he said.

He said that certain situations cannot be handled by using bullets or force. As our Quaid, Muhammad Ali Jinnah did not fire a single bullet to achieve a separate homeland. It is the government’s core responsibility to bring peace in Balochistan province. Those who were forced out from Balochistan should be brought back.

“Internal stability of the country is at stake”, he added.

Responding to a question, he said PML-N supports Balochistan. Mr. Nawaz said, “I had asked to the Prime Minister to bring forth a comprehensive package for Balochistan”.

Every thing is not money, he added, “I was offered $1billion from former U.S. President Bill Clinton for not conducting nuclear tests, but I refused to accept it and did not do it so”.

Talking about the economic situation of the country, he said that government should cut down its expenditures while he urged to the government that it should stop tax evasion before introducing new ones. The government should stop seeking donations, despite that it should bring comprehensive economic policies to cope with economic crises.

Mr. Nawaz said, “Financial irregularities during Hajj was shameful act, government should take strict action against the culprits”. While drone attacks are against the sovereignty of our country and PML-N condemns it and demanded that it should be stopped.

People do have some expectation from the present government and the desires of the masses must be fulfilled, he added, however, “I fulfill all of my pledges, if I will come into power”, says Mr. Nawaz.

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