PML-N to caste vote against RGST, slams Nisar

ISLAMABAD: Opposition leader in the National Assembly (NA) Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan again made it clear that PML-N will caste vote against RGST hence we don’t care if foreign forces are happy or angry in this regard.

While talking to host of Journalists outside Parliament House on Friday, Opposition leader in the National Assembly (NA) Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said that faces of those bargaining will be exposed thick and thin.

Some of the faces who are looting the national Exchequer must be exposed as enough is enough, Nisar held.

Opposition Leader Ch. Nisar Friday said Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) would raise the issue of 11 missing prisoners from Adyala Jail in next National Assembly session.

Speaking to media in Parliament House, he said no body is above the law and it is very serious issue that such incidents are taking place during a democratic government tenure .

Meanwhile he said that PML-N will also table a bill to raise the issue of plots allotment in different public organizations.

He said that a public organization should have the record of assets of their employees.

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One comment on “PML-N to caste vote against RGST, slams Nisar

  1. PML-N has once again adopted the same old bad ways of 90s and constantly trying to blackmail the government. If PMLN would succeed to blackmail the government by this Dharna business and show of street power than tomorrow it would be another party, and so on. [Actually, it is not PMLN as they do not have much street power, but street power we are seeing is due to JI, plus corruption money of Nawaz Sharif as he is throwing bones to Lawyers, Journalists, corrupts of civil society and every goon in the country. I am sure that MQM and PPP have massive ground support and ability to use such lawlessness in their strongholds to blackmail and bring any government down, and it means no party would be able to rule the country against the will of parties that have street power (or have rich corrupt politicians who are willing to throw plenty of bones to dogs of society). What is happening could become a very dangerous precedent for blackmailing and pressuring any future government and ultimately could harm Pakistan (and unity of Pakistan) permanently. So, Pakistanis should discourage any such lawlessness in the country used to pressurize and blackmail government. I think that it is time Pakistanis should learn to accept election results for 5 years and support 2008 election result until next election in 2013.

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