Cruel father lost his five daughters in gambling

LARKANA: An addicted gambler has lost his five daughters in gambling to bookies after losing bets whereas police has registered FIR against the cruel father.

According to details a man Dhanni Bhaksh, resident of Lalo Rang, a suburb area of Larkana, has lost his five daughters in different bets. The age of his daughters were three to ten years..

The cruel father first lost his 3 years young daughter Tabassam in 20 thousand rupees whereas he lost his 4 years young daughter Rashida for 55 thousand rupees.

The addicted gambler then lost his 7 years old daughter Kanwal in 40 thousand rupees. Still not satisfying on all this he then sold his 8 years old Shabana in 32 thousand whereas 10 years old Robena for just 30 thousand rupees.

The heartless man not only lost his daughters but also give his two elder daughters Shabana and Robena in Nikkah of two different gamblers.

On one particular day when he lost his eldest child and tried to marry her with a gambler the child’s mother somehow took stand and call her brother Ahmed Ali, who then called police and registered a FIR against Dhanni Bakash and eight other people.

The police later on raid on local casino and arrested two people but as yet the police could not recovered the cruel Dhanni Baskash.

According to police sources they have raided couple of more gambler points and culprits would be arrested soon and brought to justice.

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