Inadequate Hajj arrangements: Saudi Arabia orders probe

Makkah/Mina, Nov 19: Saudi government taking notice of inadequate arrangements during has asked for the details from the relevant Hajj missions of these countries.

As per details after the protest of the Pakistani hajjis for not being provided adequate facilities in their camps Bangladesh, Yemen, Sudan, and India also joined in the protest. The Saudi government has taken notice of the poor arrangements provided to the Hajjis of all the countries including Pakistan and ordered investigation.

According to the sources the Saudi government will also investigate as to why there was in sufficient or no facilities were provided in the maktab no 51,52,53 and 49 in Mina . Under the chairmanship of the Prince Naif  the Interior minister an investigating team has been formulated which will look into the matter and has asked for the details of the agreement between the Hajj missions of the countries.

Federal Minister for religious affair Hamid Saeed Kazmi has confirmed that the Saudi government has taken notice of the incidence in Mina, he said will try to include Pakistani representation  in the investing committee . He further told that he has officially asked for the compensation from the Saudi government for not providing insufficient facilities to the said camps although the amount is not yet decided.

It was also informed that the Pakistani hajjis were additionally charged Riyals 500 for these facilities . The federal Minister said that he has held meetings with the Saudi Prince Shah Abdullah and Saudi interior Minister Prince Naif regarding the matter.

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