Wreckage of crashed Air Blue plane still not lifted

ISLAMABAD: The process of probe into crashing of a plane of private airlines in federal capital has become more complicated and even its wreckage has not been removed from the scene despite lapse of several months.

According to details only 55 percent process of lifting of wreckage of crashed plane had been completed even 4 months had elapsed. The management of private airlines had first of all requested army to help it remove the wreckage but army helicopter became engaged in relief activities in flood hit areas and inability was shown from army side in this regard. Later management contacted NATO authorities in Afghanistan as they were having such helicopters which could help lift the wreckage. However NATO demanded 124000 dollars for this work but management of Air Blue refused to accept their demand and the wreckage was still lying scattered at the site of incident in Margalla hills.

Sources also told that it would be ensured during the investigation that report could not go against air safety parameters set by European Union as the plane which was crashed was an air bus of a French company.

Sources told the investigation made so far had not given any indication that it was any act of sabotage. The information collected from black box are being used to finalize the inquiry.

Civil Aviation Authority sources told that for the sake of complete investigation it was essential that wreckage was lifted and brought into shape of structure but Air Blue management had not succeeded to do so. Therefore the investigation process was moving slow paced.

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