Govt disappointed nation: Nawaz Sharif

WAZIRABAD: PML-N Quaid Mian Nawaz Sharif, while addressing a public meeting has said that president and prime minister have disappointed the nation.

“Politics is based on principles” he said adding “politics should be played within the parameters of ethics, politics minus self esteem is not a politics” he remarked.

What service the incumbent government is doing to Pakistan? he questioned. The fate of the present government does not seem good, he held. “We want government saves the people from more despair and mends its ways. Rulers should control corruption scandals, abide by the orders of Supreme Court (SC) and understand the sentiments of common man”, he underlined.

Government should take steps for elimination of poverty, corruption and unemployment but it was not caring for any thing, he added. Government is selecting the worst persons and is inducting them in the institutions, he alleged. Million of rupees were being squandered away in Steel Mills, PIA, and OGDCL daily. Rs 300 to 400 billion is being wasted which should be secured , he observed. If it is secured then we don’t need aid from any other country, he added.

Corruption is swallowing billion of rupees, he charged adding the rulers on the other hand were visiting other countries with begging bowl.

He said Musharraf abrogated the constitution and ordered the killing of children at Lal Mosque and Akbar Bugti. But the present rulers presented him guard of honor, he maintained.

President Zardari says agreements are not Quran and Sunnah. The person who says this then if he can be able to do any service to the country, he questioned.

Had we been given opportunity to complete our tenure then the revolution would have come to the country, he remarked.

“I had launched my mission in 2008 with hopes and desires. I have returned to country due to love of the people of Pakistan. I have not returned here by brokering any NRO with Musharraf. Musharraf was eager to meet me in Saudi Arabia but I refused ”, Nawaz Sharif told.

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