No more Martial Law or assembly dissolution: PM

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani on Tuesday again made it clear that rumors of dissolving assemblies and imposition of martial law in the country are all baseless and fabricated urging government will complete its full five year term.

Speaking on the floor of the house Prime Minister Gilani Yousaf Raza Gilani Tuesday said the legislature has been elected for five years, those want its dissolution, were not sincere with the nation.

He said the mid-term elections have no place in the constitution, the opponents should inform the government about the mechanism of these polls.

He emphatically said the military is sincere with the nation and backs democracy and it will not impose martial law in the country.

He said that PPP-led government very well knows how to tackle issues adding Parliament is the best forum to resolve lingering problems stressing we respect Parliament’s supremacy thick and thin.

He said the government would overcome all problems facing it and that it has a lot of respect for the institutions working in the country.

The President no longer has the power to dissolve parliament and dismiss an elected premier and no one wants martial law now, Gilani said.

All institutions want to see the democratic system moving forward and getting stronger, he added.

Those predicting the fall of his government will again be disappointed, Gilani remarked.

Prime Minister said that the government would complete its tenure, adding that those who wished the government to dissolve before its time would be disappointed.

Ruling out the possibility of imposition of martial law in the country, the prime minister said no one supported martial law in the country. “We are taking difficult decisions for improvement in the economy of the country,” he added.

He held that criticism was the right of the opposition. “We are facing it with a broad mind,” he told NA.

He further told the House that those elements who want mid-term polls in the country are not well wishers of Pakistan neither democracy thus living in a fools world.

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