288 police officials involved in HR violations, gang rapes

ISLAMABAD : Interior Ministry has provided list of 288 police officials and employees nationwide including the Federal Capital who have been involved in severe human rights violations and gang rapes.

The National Assembly was given the documented details by the Interior Minister Rehman Malik on the question raised by Marvi Memon.

According to the documents available provided to the National Assembly, in the past three years overall 288 police officers and employees have been found involved in severe human rights violations and gang rapes etc.

Out of these 101 have been sent to jails while some using their influence compromised with the affected people. In three years, 178 police officials were found involved in 74 incidents of human rights violations and gang rapes in Punjab. Out of which 89 were sent to jail and sentenced.

In Sindh 78 police officials and men were involved in 91 such incidents. Out of which 12 have been jailed.

The Government of KP did not provide any details to the government in this regard.

In Balochistan during last three years, ten police officials were involved in human rights violations and gang rapes.

Out of which one was released due to insufficient evidence while one compromised and three were sent to Mach Jail and the remaining are awaiting trial.

In the Federal Capital, 11 police men were found involved in five such incidents which include Constable Qamar Abbas, ASI Muhamad Akram, ASI Riaz Head Constable Muhammad Hussain, Constable Sheikh Asif, Constable Muhammad Nisar, Head Constable Muhammad Shahzad, Constable Abdul Majeed, ASI Iqbal Muhammad, Head Constable Muhammad Asif and constable Jahanghir was found to be involved, out of which 4 were acquitted while the rest were penalized and sent to jail.

In Azad Kashmir, 4 police officials have been sent to jail for their involvement in such heinous incidents.

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