I am not a headmaster to sit on chair: Minister Ali Madad

Gakoch: Minister for education Gilgit Baltistan Dr. Ali Madad Sheer got angry for providing him chair and not a Sofa to sit at a ceremony held at a government boy’s high school Gakoch.

“I am not a headmaster so that you let me sit on chair, when you call a provincial minister then you should also provide him sofa to sit” he said in a very angry mood.

He said that he will never come again if school administration will not provide sofas to sit.

The education minister was heartily invited to attend a workshop organised by government high school Gakoch and funded by Canadian government.

The minister, after not finding Sofas for sitting left the workshop by warning the headmaster to make school clean and buy new furniture.

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5 comments on “I am not a headmaster to sit on chair: Minister Ali Madad

  1. Doctor sahib is a veterinary doctor, did not practice his profession any where. Unfortunately he is now minister for education, he nothing to do with education he has go to a veterinary hospital to learn how to deal with animals but not with human.

  2. This vet who is unfortunately a minister has forgotten that he is an employee (servant) of all the tax payers. He should be given a khoonta to tie himself, not a chair.

  3. Bastered , it is the fault of those people who elected such Bastered person as representative. who has no respect for teachers.

    Shame on you Mr. Ali Madad.

  4. this incdent is shame for all gilgit baltistanians. we have to change this culture from our home provance by introducing educated and having high moral personalties

  5. OY stupid Wazeer tum kaisay musalman ho?apnay ab a o ajdad ko yad kro ———PPP govt hamaisha he awam ke jan khatee ha laikin pher bhe pagal awaam vote daitay han—ab bap ke toba jo dobara vote in diye in ko

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