“No sugar days” to observe to control sugar price

ISLAMABAD: After failing to control the day by day increasing price of sugar, the government now decided to convince people not to use sugar by calling two days in a week “No sugar days”.

According to official sources when government was planning how to control nation’s anger over the increasing rates of sugar the price at that time was Rs. 85 in the market.

After few days the federal minister for industries and production Mir Hazar Khan, surprised everyone by increasing Rs.15 per kg on sugar selling at utility stores.

This sudden increase has given the Sugar mafia a chance to grab more money from people so they increased 240 rupees on 40 Kg. This increase makes the price of sugar in markets Rs. 92 per Kg.

Sources say that after this increase the government decided not to take action against out of control Sugar mafia but to control people’s anger they plan to celebrate two “No sugar days” in a week in which they will try to convince people to boycott sugar to control its desire among masses.

Sources also said that government will soon officially announce to observe these days.

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One comment on ““No sugar days” to observe to control sugar price

  1. Wow, two days without sugar? Don’t know if I could do it, just thinking about my morning coffee really, got to have a little sugar.

    It is interesting to see how the government chooses to address this issue too, seems like they are going after the wrong problem.

    If my math is right, that ends up being a little over 2 US $ a kilo, or about $1 a pound. Pretty pricey and a significant increase too!

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