November a month of change in government: Nisar

WAH CANTT: The Opposition leader in N.A Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has declared November as the Month of change in government, with PPPP led government breathing its last.

Addressing PML-N activists at the residence of the local PML-N leader in Taxila, he strongly berated any democracy swathed in corruption from head to toe, and said that PML-n wanted no part of it, under any circumstances.

He berated the fact that all institutions had edged on the brink of disaster with extreme corruption, and PML-N being a principled party wanted to be no part of such dirt.

He categorically warned the government that its confrontation with Judiciary would cost it dearly, and declared that PML-N would strongly support and abide by law and constitution.

He welcomed Pir Pagara to have talks with PML-N, and said that if Pir Pagara invited, PML-N would also visit him. Appreciating the newly formed alliance of PML factions he said that PML-N could not form any alliance with those who had formerly connived with those who violated constitution.

The PML-N leader also declared Pervez Elahi –Babar Awan talks as meaningless and harmless, and as such they did not warrant any importance.

He strongly berated the aggressive increase in petroleum prices, which was 96% as compared to 35% in previous regime, and said that government was resorting to mere tall claims and false pretensions instead of stable performances.

He said that Mian Nawaz Sharif had advised PM a lot of times, but President Asif Ali Zardari resisted those advices. Citing PM as a failure he said that original members of PPPP were sidetracked while an irrelevant group was seated in power, and declared that a change was imminent for the sake of Federation.

The opposition leader also announced establishment of a press club in Taxila on the demands of Rizwan Haider of Mashal Union of Journalists.

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