Pagara not happy over PML-Q-PPP contacts

KARACHI : Spiritual Leader OF PML-F Pir Pagara is deeply angered with the leaders of PML-Q after their contact with the PPP and has not invited PML-Q members to attend the meeting which is to be held at Kangri House on the 28 and 29 of October.

According to the details the spiritual leader and functional leader of PML Pir Pagara has called a meeting at Kangri House Karachi on 28 and 29 of October for the unification of Muslim League

Today Thursday Oct 28 at Kangri House an informal meeting is scheduled in which the contacts between the PPP and PML-Q will be discussed and wooing in of PML_N would be considered

After the informal meeting apart from PML-Q, PML like- minded leaders will attend a dinner hosted by Pir Pagara, while on the 29 October a formal meeting presided by Pir Pagara will be held to strengthened the relations with PML like-minded members.

After the meeting a media briefing is scheduled at 5pm.

Invitations have been sent to all the PML like-minded members, Saleem Saif Ullah, Humayun Akhtar, Khursheed Mohammad Kasuri, leader of Awami Muslim League Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed, leader of Muslim league Zia group Ajaj-ul-Haq, and many others including Mir Zafar Ullah Jamali are included.

According to the sources the other day the leader of Muslim league Sindh –N Syed Ghaus Ali shah had a one to one meeting of about hour and a half with Pir Pagara , and according to the sources he also gave him a message from Nawaz Sharif in which the attendance of a PML-N league member is expected in the forthcoming meeting Presided by Pir Pagara.

While talking to Online Muslim league like-minded leader senator Saleem Saif Ullah said that PML-Q has inclined towards PPP, that why we are considering to take PML-N with us and its possible that one representation from PML-N will also attend the meeting.

Saleem Saif Ullah said in the meeting called by Pir Pagara that a lot of important matters will be discussed and manifesto of the party will be announced as well.

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