Video of Pak army beating innocents is fake

Peshawar: A spokesman of the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has clarified “Video clips recently displayed on internet and TV channels are falsely implicating Pakistan Army personnel in physical torture and execution of un-armed prisoners in the ongoing operations against terrorists in FATA and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

According to a hand out on Tuesday, people in general and journalists in particular are aware that these terrorists have been regularly employing the tactic of wearing Army, Police and para-military uniforms as a deception in staging terrorists attacks and penetrating security cordons. The 10th October, 2009 attack on Army’s GHQ in Rawalpindi is one glaring example of a dastardly attack by terrorists dressed in Pakistan army uniforms. The other motive of the terrorists is to defame the security forces and police and spread confusion and hatred in the public and the world against Pakistan’s Government and its security forces.

Regular recoveries of Police and Frontier Corps uniform by the police and security forces during raids on terrorists hide outs and safe havens bear testament to the fact that the terrorists are employing the tactic regularly and on a wide scale. Recently the Peshawar Police have recovered many uniforms from Peshawar which were widely reported in the press as well.

But what is surprising is the way the journalists and public media so readily fall for this deception by the terrorists and; without waiting to verify actual facts they give wide publicity to such wild allegations and deceitful propaganda by the terrorists and spread confusion amongst the public. In fact this practice is helping the terrorists in achieving their nefarious objectives. What makes this act of the media more painful is the fact that the terrorist’s record of brutality and senseless slaughter of innocent men, women and children is well-known and the daily sacrifice by the officers and soldiers of all security forces resulting in thousands being martyred and several thousands injured and maimed in the fight against the terrorists are also on record. Never before have the officers and personnel of the Pakistan Army, the Frontier Corps, the Frontier Constabulary, the Police, the Tribal Levies so willingly and courageously offered sacrifice of life and limb in such large numbers as in the current fight back against the terrorists over the past four years.

This sort of hasty and uninformed reporting by the press is also giving the detractors of Pakistan in other countries a handy stick to beat Pakistan with and damage its position and image in the world and jeopardize its fight against terrorism. The recent example of a widely aired video clip on the internet and tv channels is a case in point which has threatened to sabotage governments efforts to raise resources and procure vital hi-tech equipment and arms for the security forces to improve their fighting capabilities in the war against terrorists.

One fails to understand why the media should place so little faith in its own security forces who are struggling day and night and sacrificing their lives and limbs to safeguard ordinary citizens from the brutality and savagery of the terrorists who have spread murder and mayhem in the country and are not even sparing innocent women and children as well as mosques and other holy places in their quest for establishing their brutal warlordism in certain areas of Pakistan. One can only hope and pray that journalists will understand how they are playing into the nefarious designs of these heartless terrorists and their foreign patrons and other enemies of Pakistan by joining in defaming and demoralizing the brave soldiers of our security forces and the police who are the only shield that stand between us and these brutal anarchist terrorists”.

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