PPP to emerge as winner in next general elections: PM

LAHORE: Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani has emphasized that the hopes of those conspiring and wishing for a clash between the institutions have been dashed to the ground adding that the democratic government would complete its constitutional term and would emerge as a winner in the next general elections.

Addressing gathering of Party parliamentarians’ leader at Governor House on Saturday, PM said that PPP has forever ended the politics of vindictiveness that is why in our tenure there are no political prisoners. We have adopted democratic culture, which promotes reconciliation and harmony.

According to sources, he said that the ruling PPP would not deviate from government’s reconciliatory policy with the PML-N despite political challenges. We are keeping our promise on the charter of democracy and will continue to do so in future.

PM said that lots of people have wished for clash between the judiciary and executive so that the government could leave but such conspirators had to face defeat and such attempts of clash between institutions were never successful before and would not succeed this time either.

He said that the people have given us 5 year mandate and we would complete this mandate despite many challenges and difficulties the government has achieved many success in its two and half year of term.

PM said that we are still facing problems of rehabilitation of flood affectees and reconstruction but the PPP with the help of its coalition partners would overcome the difficulties.

The meeting also reviewed the overall performance of the government over the last two and half year in addition PPP members of the Punjab assembly complaint about the non-releas of development funds.

According to sources the PPP MPs complained against PML-N and said that it does not take PPP MPs into confidence over provincial matters.

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