Lucky or un-lucky? Man married two girls in 24 hours

MULTAN: A young Hakeem has set a new tradition for Pakistani men by marrying two girls in 24 hours and the most amazing part of this is that everything happens not only with the approval of his family but also his brides’ families.

Azhar Haidri, 30 told media that one of his bride is his own choice whereas the other one is chosen by his family.

He said that he wanted to marry with the girl he loves but after insisted by his family he also married the woman which his family selected for him since childhood.

“After this crazy situation I decided to marry both of them, my suggestion was approved by both of my brides’ families including my own family, so now I feel myself so lucky to be liked by two different girls” Azhar said.

Two marriages are not unusual in Pakistan but normally it occurs after few years of first marriage. Azhar though, has set a new example by marrying two girls in only 24 hours and the good news about Azhar is that both the brides have accepted each other and said they will live happily.

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