Karachi target killings death toll mounts to 53

KARACHI: The death toll of three days’ ongoing target killings in Karachi has climbed to 53 on Tuesday; even the presence of Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik could not stop this killing spree in the metropolis and during the last 24 hours 15 persons have lost their lives in various parts of the city.

According to media reports, This new row of killings started Saturday evening; within a few hours more than eight people had been shot dead in different areas of the city, while many dead bodies were also recovered.

On Sunday, the city was gripped by fear owing to the constant firing and killing incidents in various parts and the by-election of PS-94. Target killings continued throughout the day and by the end of the day, the death toll had risen to 38.

Killings continued on Monday as well. Even the presence of the Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik did not make any difference as the death toll mounted to 47.

Last night, three more persons were killed by unknown miscreants and six more have been shot dead, before the mid day, on Tuesday in different parts of the city. Karachi’s three day death toll has reached 53.

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