Karachi target killing: 25 killed in last 12 hours

KARACHI: The death toll of those killed in a series of target killing spree since the last 12 plus hours has risen to 25, while more than 52 have been reported to have sustained injuries by bullet wounds.

Firing continues unabated in the City of Qauid-e-Azam, since late Saturday evening, giving rise to further tensions and panic in the City. RESCUE sources have informed of discovering dead bodies on Sunday, subjected to atrocious torture before being killed; two from Kalakot area and one from Kalri area.

Meanwhile police sources have informed about three killings due to firing in dhobi ghat area, while in other cases of firings, 3 persons of Kati Pahari (chipped hillock) and 3 persons of Hussainabad and Khara have also been reported to be dead.

Sources also report 14 injured being admitted in Abbasi Shaheed hospital, while 18 others have also been admitted in Jinnah hospital, with another 20 being reported admitted in Civil hospital.

Fire brigade sources have also informed of 5 vehicles being torched in Gulshan-e-Johar.

Police and rangers are reported be carrying out their strict checking procedures, during which they have also arrested four persons.

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