Clash between institutions not possible in my tenure: PM

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani has addressed and assured the nation that no clash of institutions is possible during Pakistan Peoples Party’s term of government. He said that he did not even know about the rumor of the executive order for reinstatement of judges being taken back.

In his address to the nation on Sunday night, the prime minister said that he remained undeterred while reinstating the higher judiciary. “We were told that executive order, if promulgated, could invite an application of the Article 6 of the Constitution”, the PM added, “but we remained undaunted and undeterred”.

He also said that ignoring Prime Minister’s denial was equivalent to ignoring his constitutional stature. Prime minister also expressed his consent to sit together with the judges to resolve all the conflicts.

Prime Minister said that ensuring speedy justice tops his government’s priorities. “Time is testing us again”, the PM said, “let us not waste time in futile efforts of survival”. The prime minister said that he is ready to constitute forums of all kinds for the welfare of masses.

He also told the nation that the government has decided to reorganize eight state-run institutions that are operating in financial deficit. He said that if a Prime Minister denies a news report, it must be accepted on all forums.

The PM said that he once referred this during his speech at National Assembly. Calling for mutual respect amongst state institutions, he said there was no chance of any clash as the government strongly believes in a policy of reconciliation and would continue to stride on this path.

“The policy of reconciliation will bring political powers and state institutions closer; with public welfare being the focal point.”

The Prime Minister said he has ordered inquiry into the news report that caused the entire uproar so that the nation may know who tried a midnight-assault on relations between the judiciary and the government.

He said he denied the news report soon thereafter the President too termed it false news.
“But even then if it is not accepted, then I may remind that we are violating the principles of mutual respect, which is the soul of Constitution of Pakistan and is Parliamentary in nature,” the Prime Minister remarked.

Gilani said being the Leader of the House he had announced restoration of the judges. “If he announces restoration of the judges, it is accepted. Similarly if he denies a news, then keeping in view the stature of the position, it too should be accepted on all forums.”

“If false news is given preference over the words of the Prime Minister, then it would be an insult to the stature of the Prime Minister,” PM Gilani added.

Prime Minister Gilani also referred to NFC Award, passage of the 18th amendment and successful operation in Swat, terming these as achievements of the PPP led government.

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