Live and let us live: PPP issued warning to Jang, Geo media group

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan People’s Party government on Saturday cuts off with the Jang and Geo Media group by saying the group is victimizing the key leadership of the party by airing wrong and false stories.

This was said by the Secretary General of Pakistan People’s party Jahangir Badr along with PPP spokesperson Fauzia Wahab, Central Secretary General Raja Pervez Ashraf and Ch Manzoor.

Jahangir Badr said PPP had always raised its voice for press freedom and even during the doctorial rule of Pervez Musharraf we stood by the journalist community. Even in 1998 when Nawaz Sharif had banned a media group even than we stood by the media group but now regrettably for the past two and a half year this media group has been victimizing president Zardari and other key leaders by airing wrong and false stories.

“It has not only criticized the personality of Zardari but also aired news that there are differences amongst the President and Army Chief and differences amongst the President and PM.” He remarked.

Lamenting over the situation, he said out of 676 programmes 605 were broadcasted against President Asif Ali Zardari and only 4 were against Mian Nawaz Sharif, adding 92% programmes were against the party leaders and 3% against the parties. Allegations regarding fake and baseless cases against Asif Ali Zardari were repeated 300 times while the media group published 4147 news out of 4653 against PPP which are 85% of the total, he added.

Jahangir Badr elaborating the figures stated that same paper published 2002 columns out of 2334 and 480 editorial out of 576 were against the party while English paper of the media group carried out 2613 news out of 4569 and 1225 out of 1421 columns in opposition to Peoples Party.

He said that they have exhibited utmost patience for the past two and a half years “We had only two option before us either to give a call to party workers to come forward and defend it or to keep silence on the situation and we chose the second option and kept quiet over the situation” he added.

He said the party had agreements with enemies for strengthening democracy in the country but through a organized conspiracy PPP was tortured in the course of pen. Thus, he stated that the party disappointingly decided to cut off that media group due to its partiality and no member or worker would participate in the programmes of the particular channel.

Today we are taking the media into confidence so that tomorrow no on e can say we were not taken into confidence.

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