Clash of Govt and Judiciary only a news not reality: Babar Awan

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Law Babar Awan has said that neither any clash would take place nor any one would be attacked.

Addressing a press conference along with Information Minister Qamar Zaman Kaira in PID on Friday the law minister said that no illegal or unconstitutional step would be taken in their government.

“The judgments of court should speak nor the tickers” he remarked.

He said that the government was elected one and all the portfolios held by it are constitutional. The desire of some one’s was given the status of news, he maintained.

He went on to say that Yousuf Raza Gilani was the very prime minister who had made verbal announcement for release of the judges soon after assuming his office of premiership and all the judges were released within five minutes of his announcement.

Soon after induction of PPP led government, dates started coming about the departure of the government, he said adding that predictions were got made from astrologists about us. It was also told that a ship was ready to take the ministers abroad, he underlined. Despite it the sitting government demonstrated patience, he remarked.

Despite explanation from the prime minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, Supreme Court while taking suo motu notice about the executive order regarding restoration of judges issued notice to the attorney general at 2.50 a.m overnight. Despite the explanation from the government attorney general appeared in the court, he said.

Increasing trend in the rumors did no service to Pakistan, he said adding however it has raised the index of speculations.

Responding to a question he said the institutions which were not allowed to indulge in politics should avoid to step in politics. No one would be allowed to play politics at government expenses, he held.

Replying to another question he said the existing democratic system would be transferred to next government in 2013. Government would neither support LFO, PCO or ECO nor such step would be taken in democratic government.

He was of the view that some people made abortive attempt to put into use their desire in politics. The tenor used against head of the state was one sided, he observed.

Law minister said prime minister works under rules of business. Prime minister does not file counter claim on behalf of government and this is job of law secretary only, he stated.

“We have already made it clear with reference to executive order about restoration of judges that it was baseless and concocted as we all respect law and constitution. We had read article 6 at that time also when a dictator breached the constitution for 11 years, he said. Benazir Bhutto was detained and democracy was ousted on October, 12, 1999 by scaling up the walls. One man parliament was set up.

“We can not please every one however constitution, law and rules would not get annoyed with us, he stated.

Conspiracy was being hatched to pit the government against the judiciary, he held.

“We support early hearing of writ petition filed by Asghar Khan in Supreme Court. Accountability should not be one sided”, he held. Concealing the evidence is offence according to Sharia, he added. Whosoever knows the name should make it public, he said.

Information minister Qamar Zaman Kaira said government stands adamant over its wrong decisions but we made correction with reference to Adnan A Khawaja. We honor the verdicts of judiciary, he added.

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