India lies, no Pak army officer involved in Mumbai attacks: Military sources

ISLAMABAD: Pakistani Military Authorities on Friday strongly rejected the allegations by India in which they maliciously tried to involved Pak army in Mumbai terror attacks.

Yet another lie of India has been exposed as the persons named by the Indian authorities and said to be the serving army officers of Pakistan are not even close to army.

India on Thursday named few people along with two serving officers named as Major Sameer Ali and Major Iqbal who they said are involved in carrying out the Mumbai attacks in which 166 were killed.

The Pakistan Military Authorities said that the said two persons are not only left army but have no links with ISI or army at all and they are now living the life of civilians.

Authorities said that intelligence agencies had taken into custody both these retired majors and interrogated them following the statement by David Headlay. Nothing special had come to open during the investigation. One Samir Ali Maj (Retd) was reported to be class fellow of David Headlay and later both of these military officers were retired. They have no connection whatsoever with ISI or Pakistan army and they are leading civilians life.

What are they doing and are maintaining relations with whom and if Interpol has issued their red notices, it is the matter related to interior ministry, authorities said.

On the other hand David Headlay whom US had handed over to India in Mumbai attacks incident was on the pay roll of FBI and Pakistan had sought access to him. India in this connection is refusing. The whole affair is complex and endeavor was made to pressurize Pakistan through Interpol. On the other hand cases against all the suspected persons in Mumbai blasts are pending hearing in Pakistan courts but no officer or jawan of Pakistan army is involved in this incident, authorities said.

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