Musharraf called Dr. Qadeer a characterless man

LONDON: Former military dictator General ® Pervez Musharraf has termed Dr. Qadeer a characterless man also admitted that Pakistan trained militant underground groups to fight against India in Kashmir.

Talking to a German magazine SPIEGEL Musharraf said that the militant underground groups were formed because the Pakistani government wanted India to discuss Kashmir also no one including United Nations is not prepared to resolve the dispute in a peaceful manner.

He also termed Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan a characterless man and stories he ( Dr. Qadeer) told regarding Pakistani army monitoring and organizing deals with countries like North Korea and Iran are false.

Answering a question Pakistan’s Chief of Army Staff’s role he said that he made him the chief because he thought he was the best man for the job.

He said that the times of military coups are over. The latest political developments have shown that the Supreme Court has set a bar on itself not to validate a military takeover.

He said that there are no cases of corruption or fraud or anything against him at the moment “My political opponents, especially Nawaz Sharif, would love to create a case against me, if they did, I would reply in court because risks need to be taken” he said.

Regarding a question about his popularity in Pakistan he answered “I launched my Facebook page eight months ago and today I have more than 315,000 fans. And hundreds of Pakistanis called into a TV show in which I collected money for the flood victims. They donated $3.5 million. Do you think they are doing this because they hate me?” he expressed.

He said that after his returned to Pakistan he can be attacked like Benazir Bhutto but the fear won’t stop him and he will take the risk.

He also said that he is earning good money in London but Pakistan is his country so he will go back there soon.

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