Musharraf launched his party with an apology to nation for past mistakes

LONDON: Former President Pervez Musharraf has apologized to nation on the mistakes committed during his regime in the past saying he is the only leader who can show light to the nation in the prevailing darkness.

Former president said this while addressing launching ceremony of All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) here on Friday. He announced the launching of APML and its manifesto.

Pervez Musharraf while berating the incumbent government in Pakistan said it was responsible of its own mistakes and failures.

He said “ 9 years of his government bear testimony that we can provide emerging leadership to Pakistan. Enormous development took place during the nine years of my rule. However certain decisions taken in the last years of my government disappointed the nation. Some decisions among them were our political mistakes which caused political suffering to the nation. I apologize to Pakistani nation on this count. I have learnt too much from these lapses and will not repeat them in future. I seek cooperation from the people, he underlined.
Pakistan is our identity, he said adding ‘therefore, I say Pakistan first is our slogan. Now our motherland is besieged by crisis and is crying for help.

“We tried to bring change in the country and made too many achievements. I will give reply to the false reports being telecast at TV channels. We gave power to Pakistan and empowered people. We gave dignity to nation. Unfortunately Pakistan is heading towards failure. People are worried. Frustration has gripped them. They have nothing with them to eat.

He went on to say that time has come that we should realize the dreams of father of nation and lead the country towards development. We should unite under one banner and move towards Pakistan first.

He claimed APML will wage jehad against poverty. Our symbol is eagle which flies high and flies alone.

“I say to people cowards who are afraid of us will try to frighten you. Whosoever cringes loses every thing, he remarked.

New social system will consist of three documents. What ever we will do first of all it will be in conformity with Quran and Sunnah. Second will be realization of dream of Quaid-e-Azam and third will be objective resolution.

Pakistan wants to live with peace in the region. We want peaceful relations with India. But it becomes possible only when all the problems are resolved through dialogue process.

“We will provide electricity to the villages with population consisting of over 50 families, he said.

War will continue war till the menace of terrorism is curbed. We will crush every voice which will be raised against the sovereignty of the country. Economy is back bone in the development of the country. We will raise the GDP level. Trust of the people lays foundation for a successful government.

He went on to say Pakistan has massive reservoirs of water and we will utilize them through canals and dams. Our 70 percent population lives in villages. We will bring development in agriculture sector so that we could make saving of 2 billion dollars in economy. 3000000 acres land will come under cultivation through the system we will introduce.

Development and prosperity will remain elusive without wiping out terrorism and extremism; he said adding there should be no compromise over it. Certain misguided Taliban are fomenting extremism in our society. We have to deal with them and take the people towards the destination of prosperity.

‘I believe in the freedom of press. I can say today I have given freedom to the press. However there should be honest reporting, he added.

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  1. I really Welcome You, im really sick of all these currupt politions and feudral lords,……We definitly need change…i know its not easy but we have to take first step for Pakistan…….I really dont want to leave Pakistan just few because of these liars and unprofessional people….. Im with you….

    My best regards…….and best wishes…..


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