Yet another video of Taliban’s brutality released, without confirmation foreign media starts criticism

ISLAMABAD: The foreign media has yet again started propaganda against Pakistan by releasing a video in which some turbaned men have seen repeatedly thrown rocks at a person, which they said is a woman, until she lies motionless, stretched along the ground.

Without any conformation and authenticity of the video, they started saying that the stoning happened in the northwest of the country and was carried out by Pakistani Taliban militants, incensed because she was seen out with a man.

The video first was obtained by a Dubai television station.

A foreign English newspaper Toronto Sun has written “the footage is a stark reminder that despite a series of military offensives the military said had weakened insurgents, militants still control areas of northwest Pakistan and impose their harsh version of Islam at will”.

An other foreign newspaper Daily Mail has even written the dates of this footage and according to them “The execution allegedly took place two months ago in the upper region of Orakzai.

This is not the first time that foreign media has started their propaganda against Pakistan. Last year they widely aired a footage which showed militants in the northwest Swat Valley publicly flogging a teenage girl accused of having an affair but after few months the said footage was called faked video, dramatically made by a foreign NGO.

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