NRO cases: SC grants Govt an extension till Oct 13

ISLAMABAD: Supreme Court on Monday admitting the Government appeal for postponing the NRO hearing for some time has granted an extension till Oct 13 and ordered the government to continue the implementation of court verdict in NRO cases.

On behalf of the Government of Pakistan, the Attorney General (AG), Maulvi Anwar-ul-Haque on Monday submitted an appeal to the Supreme Court (SC) to postpone the hearing of NRO for some time.

The AG argued in his appeal that the Prime Minister is very busy in the internal and external affairs, especially, in the flood caused problems and he needs some time to proceed on this matter.

He added that this is a matter of extreme value and the Prime Minister needs full concentration to deal with it while under the current busy schedule he is unable to do so.

He further added that under the described circumstances, the Supreme Court shall allow the adjournment of this case till the suitable time.

Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry said during the hearing of 18th Amendment case that laws which clash with the constitution carry no value at all.
During the hearing, the CJ said that no Pandora’s box shall be opened in front of the court as the principles of the Objectives Resolution are also provided separately in the constitution.

Member of the bench, Justice Jawed Iqbal, said that the court reserves the right to review any law under the constitution.

Another member of the bench, Justice Ramday, said that wherever judges try to raise their heads, they are immediately showered with hammers.

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