Let SC decide the future of Zardari: Chief PMLN

KOT MITHAN: The head of PML-N Mian Nawaz Sharif has said that implementation of NRO was the prerogative of Supreme Court, while granting immunity to any President was also within the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court.

Talking to media in Kot Mithan, he also said that had the government respected and implemented the verdicts of Supreme Court, the scenario would have been much more differently, peaceful, and cautioned against raising such a flood of crisis, which might submerge everything.

He strongly rejected any possible threat to democracy, and said that he saw no anomaly or threat to Parliament or any reason for confrontation between Parliament and Supreme Court, as PML-N was itself a part of incumbents’ team and saw no such confrontation, as such.

Replying to a question, Mina Sahib strongly derided such obnoxious references as ‘intrusion of Army boots’, stressing that “being honorable Nation, we should eschew such king of expletives”.

Referring to the live statement of Qayyum Jatoi, he said that, while it was imprudent, it was not exactly untrue either.

Citing the colossal flood damages in Kot Mithan, he said that 1700 villages had suffered, and would be replaced by model villages, with such advanced amenities like mosque, park, private school and other facilities.

He informed that flood victims were being given Rs.20, 000/- each, while government has been stressed to pay at least Rs.100, 000 for the flood victims. He said that he and Mian Shahbaz Sharif were constantly touring Punjab to review the flood damages, while all PML-N leaders were also busy in the relief and rehabilitation of their constituencies.

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  1. Prime Minister is upright on the issue of reopening the Swiss cases; he is very right about his stance in this way. There is no other opinion that parliament is supreme and President Zardari has immunity under the constitution. The president is part of parliament and the supreme commander of the armed forces. Article 248 (2) of the constitution clearly says: “No criminal proceedings whatsoever shall be instituted or continued against the President … in any court during his term of office.” I am surprised by the statement of PML(N) Chief Nawaz Sharif that only Supreme Court decides the immunity of President. Nawaz Sharif has changed his position, now he is of the view that the Supreme Court will be the one to decide whether the president enjoys immunity or not. Nawaz Sharif is taking sides with the judiciary for political gains. It should not be forgotten that today’s ‘champion’ of the judiciary was the same Nawaz Sharif whose last spell in power succumbed an attack on the Supreme Court by his supporters in 1997.

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