Brig. (retd) Imtiaz Ahmed released from Adiyala jail

RAWALPINDI: Brig. (retd) Imtiaz Ahmed was released from Adiyala Jail here on Saturday.

Later talking to media, he said that he honored the court’s verdict however he was more concerned for the release of Dr Afia Siddiqui as the American court announced inhuman and deplorable punishment for her adding nation should continue efforts for repatriation of Dr Aafia..

He also said that American court verdict for Dr Afia Siddiqui has stigmatized the judicial system of America and urged the government of Pakistan, people and civil society to continue efforts to retrieve Dr Afia from American detention.

He said Adnan Khawaja was also released through court’s proceedings and being son of a lawyer, “I honored the court’s verdict and being citizens of this country; everyone should also honor sovereignty of the judiciary as sovereignty of judiciary was key part of a democratic government.

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