‘Independence of Kashmir need of hour’:APC

ISLAMABAD: All Parties Conference organized by Jamaat-e-Islami Azad Jammu and Kashmir salutes to the people of Kashmir over waging heroic as well as valiant struggle against the Indian occupation and the Kashmiris living all over the world express solidarity with them and assure them of standing shoulder to shoulder with them in the Quit Jammu & Kashmir Movement.

The conference deems the escalation in struggle for freedom in the wake of the Shrine Board incident the reflection of the will of the Kashmirs that they will not compromise on any solution less than the right of self-determination. A new and unprecedented history of civil resistance in being written in Occupied Kashmir particularly for the last four months.

The people are waging a struggle on pure democratic lines, but India is applying all barbaric tactics to suppress the movement. There are unabated curfews in towns and cities and gross human rights violations of the Kashmiris. Indian security forces are resorted to heavy firing in retaliation of slogans and stone-throwing. The massacre of the people of Kashmir, gang rape, destruction of property and human rights violations are being perpetrated despite the hue and cry raised by not only the International media, but also by the Indian own media and intellectuals.

The conference condemns the Indian attitude and is concerned over what is happening in the State. Also, the naked use of force against peaceful protesters is a challenge to the entire world community, as the people of Kashmir are aptly expecting from the world to prevail upon India to grant them the right to self-determination.

This conference also makes it clear that economic package or political concessions cannot be alternative to the end to Indian occupation of Jammu and Kashmir. Therefore, India should grant the people of the Kashmir their inalienable right to self-determination which New Delhi has pledged to them time and again.

This conference condemns the conspiracies being hatched by the India to label the ongoing struggle for freedom as terrorism and call upon the world community to play its role for ceasing human rights violations in Jammu and Kashmir and demand release of detained ailing leaders Shabbir Ahmed Shah, Ashraf Sahrai, Mian Abdul Qayyum Advocate, Asia Andrabi and all other leaders languishing in Indian jails.

The Kashmiris have offered unprecedented sacrifices. Now the government of Pakistan, being the champion of the Kashmir cause, should shoulder the responsibility of mobilizing the world opinion for the support of right to self-determination of the Kashmniri. The conference, therefore, suggests followings measures at this critical juncture of the heroic struggle of the Kashmir liberation:

Through a resolution passed by a joint session of the present session of the parliament, the stance that the Kashmir issue be resolved in the light of UN Charter and Resolutions by reiterated.

The OIC foreign ministerial conference should immediately be convened to press India for halting genocide as well as Impending famine in Kashmir.

A comprehensive policy should by worked out to increase pressure on India through UN meeting. Delegations should be sent to the important capitals of the country for mass mobilization.

Conference wants steps for turning the liberated parts of Jammu and Kashmir into base camp as per wish of the Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

This conference warns India as well as the world that the people of Azad territory could not be indifferent to the situation for longer, as the State of Jammu and Kashmir is an entity, and if the massacre of the people in that part of the State continues unabated, the people of the Azad territory reserve their right to cross over the ceasefire line at an appropriate time. The conference deems a Kashmir freedom march imperative for supply of food and medicines to the besieged people of Valley. In this regard a committee comprising heads of political parties and representatives of APHC headed by President of Azad Jammu and Kashmir has been set up, which after considering all proposals would suggest steps to materialize aforesaid proposals.

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