Funeral rites and burial of 3 persons killed in target killings conclude

Body of a man who was killed in exchange of fire after a target killing incident in Karachi.

KARACHI: Funeral rites and burial of 3 persons killed in various incidents of target killings in Karachi have concluded here, amid serious tensions and widespread panic and fear among citizens of the Metropolitan City.

Heavy contingents of police and rangers were deployed to ward of any untoward occurrences, amid fear and panic among masses, as some unknown armed persons forced closure of business concerns on Sunday night in blocks 7, 14, 15, and 16 of Federal B area.; after the funeral prayers of MQM activists of unit-146, Farhan s/o Ghiasuddin, who was buried in graveyard of Azizabad.

Meanwhile the funeral prayers and burial of banned Sipah -e-Sihaba activist 24- year old Nauman s/o Iqbal was conducted at the Abu-Bakr mosque, whence thousands party activists raised slogans, demanding immediate arrest of killers. The slain activist was buried in Muhammad Shah graveyard.

The funeral prayers and burial of 40-year old activist of Tehrik-e-Jaffaria, Tanveer Abbas was carried out at Rizvia Imambargah, and he was buried in Wadi -e-Hussain.

Police and Rangers’ contingents were carrying out heavy patrolling and snap checking in the City, amid tense and heavy panic in the City, during which two members of banned Sipah-e-Muhammad were arrested for carrying illegal TT pistols.

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