British Media & ICC seriously need a shut-up call from Pakistan

LONDON: On behalf of a report published in one of the newspaper of Britain on Saturday, which claimed that bookmakers knew the details of the Pakistan innings in third One-Day International match, the International Cricket Council (ICC) has decided to launch a full inquiry into this particular game.

One can understand the psyche of British reporters or let say like this that they might be impressed by one of the investigation reporter of Pakistan Ansar Abbasi, who loves to make table investigation stories but its hard to understand why ICC is reacting so fast?

It seems that both the British Media and ICC know that whatever they write or do with Pakistani cricket team there is no one to say Shut-up hence, British media reporters are publishing whatever they see in their dreams and ICC is following their stories without spending single minute to think whether the reporters are publishing the truth or not.

The point here is that ICC is the one who failed to produce its final report on the main match fixing allegation on three of the Pakistani players in which they even had the video proof, how would they investigate this new allegation in which they do not even have any proof?

This shows that their aim is just to demoralized Pakistani squad with their fictional allegations which they cannot even proof and until they wont be stopped by any one in Pakistan they will do this not only freely but also fearlessly.

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