Democratic change only option if Govt fails to reform itself: Nawaz Sharif

LAHORE: Quaid Pakistan Muslim League ‘N’ Nawaz Sharif said that he wished the government should reform itself otherwise the democratic change should be brought within the ambit of constitution.

As a staunch believer of democracy’ Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has vehemently defended the democracy being only option for Pakistan for emerging out of mire while addressing senior columnists, intellectual, poets and actors on Thursday at Lahore

Nawaz lamented the history bent on flawed path by highlighting the course of events, “the one who secured release of 90 thousands army men from the shameful detention in the hands of enemy was hanged and on the other hand who surrendered his arms in their feet was given an honored burial wrapped in flag. “I don’t know why the masses wanted to destabilize democracy” Nawaz said adding that people consider Martial Law the only solution when there is democracy in the country and began to yearn for democracy when Martial Law clutches the society.

He said “Pakistan has to face burnt of Martial Law on many dimensions the most lethal was dismemberment of the country. “India has turned into international power only through democracy”.

Nawaz Sharif said he would oppose the proposal of Martial Law despite the poor performance of the present government adding that a conspiracy is being hatched to weaken the democratic process in the country but it would be foiled.

“Every stakeholder will have to work together and show unity to build a new Pakistan”, the Quaid PML-N commented. He said the process of bringing change in democratic system should be brought only if the PPP led government fail to deliver and reform itself.

“We supported the 18th Amendment only for the cause of democracy”, the PML-N Quaid emphasized adding that he is ready to lead the masses for bringing reforms in the country. He said that the green revolution is the only solution of all these existing problems.

“The country would have not been pitch in the abyss of corruption if the Charter of Democracy (CoD) was implemented in letter and spirit Nawaz underscored.

The eradication of terrorism is imperative for a sound and flourishing Pakistan he opined and we must have to root it out at all cost he added.

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