Daughter of PPP, MNA granted bail on fake application of remand

A view of fake application of remand presented to police. Click on the image to enlarge

ISLAMABAD: Dr Fazila Abbasi, daughter of Begum Nasim Chaudhry, an MNA of PPP who is involved in blackmailing people in the name of prime minister has been granted bail on fake application of remand in the case of making police personnel and a citizen hostage.

Dr Fazila Abbasi who is daughter of PPP legislator and chairperson NA standing committee on law and justice is running a clinic in the name of Skin Link in sector F-10/2 here and is also appointed as donors consultant in ministry of health had made one Rizwana Rashid a patient on August, 31. On telephonic complaint from Rizwana Rashid, police officers of Shalimar police including SI Muhammad Shahbaz, ASI Roy Imran and constable Muhammad Nawaz reached the clinic but they were also locked up forcibly inside the clinic by Dr Fazila and her employees. Chowkidar of the clinic was reported to have injured police personal Roy Imran by hitting him with a chair.

The other police personnel recovered the patient and their fellow police personnel but Dr Fazila Abbasi threatened the police officers in the name of prime minister.

Dr Fazila Abbasi got bail in sum of Rs 50000 from the court of Liaqat Ali Kharal, civil judge Islamabad by presenting a fake application of judicial remand from Muhammad Shahbaz, an inquiry officer into the case.

The civil judge also recorded in bail orders that Dr Fazila Abbasi was present before him in the custody of inquiry officer adding the bail plea of Dr Fazila Abbasi is granted under women act.

When contacted by local news agency, inquiry officer Muhammad Shahbaz told police had neither taken Dr Fazila Abbasi into custody nor he had submitted any application for remand in the court of civil judge.

The influential persons not only took the law into their hands but also made mockery of the prestige of judiciary and flouted the repeated orders of chief justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry for ensuring dispensation of justice.

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  1. Fazeela Abbasi a chain of professional prostitutes. Time is near they’ll get lesson soon.

    People like these have defamed honour of Islam and dignity of country!

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